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  Mission Statement  


District Motto: Learners Today...Leaders Tomorrow

School Motto: Growing a Family of Learners and Leaders.


Engage: We will prepare and encourage students to actively participate in school as well as the global community after graduation.

Empower: We will empower students to be of strong character and to develop knowledge, skills and talents to their fullest potential.

Collaborate: We will all work together to promote student achievement and success in a safe and supportive environment.

Student Success: We will focus on preparing all students to be successful and productive citizens through school and in life.

EveryStudent/Every Day: We will seek to ensure that every student feels some measure of success each and every day.


We Believe:

  • Every student has the potential to be a leader in some area(s).
  • Every student should learn how to be a person of high character.
  • Every student can be successful in college and/or a career.
  • Every student should have a safe environment in which to learn.
  • Every student should be equipped with the knowledge/skills to be successful in the world after graduation.
  • Every student should be given opportunities to reach their maximum potential.



  About The School  

South School Shoots for the Stars!

Reaching for the Stars, Success!
Reaching for the Stars, Success!

We care deeply about our students, their learning, and well-being. We have over 220 students and more than 35 staff here at South. We value our students, their families, each other, and our community. We work hard to make South School a wonderful, safe place to learn and work.